Tough as nails

Nail polish has become a recent obsession of mine. It’s a fun way to try out a trendy color without much commitment. Since I’m frugal, I give myself a manicure at home every week and get one professionally every once in a while to clean up cuticles and such. I wear my nails very short. It’s easier for me to function with very short nails and that goes double now that I have a four and a half month old! I also think that it’s much easier to wear darks and brights on shorter nails than longer nails.

I’ve been buying up nail polishes like crazy lately. I see a pretty color and I buy. I even went through my drawer of polishes and got rid of old ones I haven’t worn in a year or that have gotten weird from sitting around for so long. I try to bring my own bottle to the salon when I get a mani or a pedi. If my nails chip, I’ll be able to fix it at home.

Since brights seem to be one of the big spring trends, bright nail polish seemed to be a good way to incorporate it into my current wardrobe of neutrals and darks without breaking the bank. Some of my current favorites are Essie Mint Candy Apple, Sally Hansen Commander in Chic, and Essie Lapis of Luxury.
What are some of the colors you like for spring? Do you get manis or pedis? How often?


One thought on “Tough as nails

  1. Ha! This is my one super girlie thing that no one ever really believes!

    My toes are always done. Always. Year round. I would always do them spring-fall and then once I started diving during the winter months, the bright colors helped me see my feet better while doing flips, etc so I started painting them year round.

    I'm huge into mints and teals right now. Sally Hansen Fair Teal and Grass Slipper and my favorite mint is by her but the name escapes me. I always do my own because I like to change it every two weeks or so. I actually have to paint them today…the question is…what color?


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