Trente (part deux)

A few months ago, before I turned 30, I wrote a post about what I wanted to accomplish in this next year. I wanted to add two more things to it.

  1. Don’t apologize for who I am. Lately, I’ve found myself having to make excuses that I don’t think I need to be making: for my spending habits, my love of shoes, the way I’m raising E, my political beliefs. No more. If my 20s were all about figuring out who I am and what I believe, then my 30s will be about unabashedly being that person and standing up for those beliefs. I’m starting to do this slowly. Those that have an issue with it can go to… well, they can go somewhere else.

  2. Love my body, flaws and all. I think this one is easier said than done. I recently had to go find a sari for my sister’s wedding in September. No big deal, right? What could be traumatizing about buying 6-8 yards of a pretty fabric?? There’s the little matter of the blouse. I’m not built like your average Indian girl. I’m at least a head taller, 30 pounds (or more) heavier, and far FAR better endowed. The one included with the sari was already sewn and there was room in it to expand. We let out the extra fabric and it was still a good 2 inches too small. You should’ve seen the way the tailor looked at the measuring tape when she saw the final numbers. I had to remind myself that I’m nourishing my son. I will try my hardest not to let others make me feel bad for what I look like.


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