Things I Like

Today’s the last day of my very first giveaway!!! It’s really easy to enter: “Like” Lactivist in Louboutins on Facebook and then leave a comment (including your email address) here.

Here’s what I’ve been digging this week:

A great perk of World Breastfeeding Week were the giveaways! Two of my favorite nursing products were being given away throughout the week and I was lucky enough to win one of each! I recently received my Berry Monroe nursing bra and panty set from You! Lingerie and my Pump Ease hands free pumping bra. I am a huge fan of both products, so much so that I purchased them months before winning them. What working nursing mom couldn’t use another nursing bra and hands free pumping bra??

Keri Duckett Photography recently shot a surrogate birth and that is a picture of Mama catching her baby girl from the surrogate mama. The album has been all over my Facebook feed! Mama was able to relactate (a woman’s body is a physiological marvel!) and nurse her own baby. See the full album on Keri’s Facebook page for all of the beautiful pictures. I got really choked up by the third picture.

Since my little sister’s wedding is in a week(!), I’ve been thinking a lot about our relationship and how close we are even though we are so far apart. She is my favorite shopping partner, conspirator, instigator, and secret keeper. It makes me a little sad to know that she’s found someone to take my place in certain aspects, but I also know that we have something she can never replace. Note to self: add that part to my maid of honor speech.

This beautiful turquoise statement necklace by Ben Amun. Turquoise seemed to be one of the biggest color trends this summer and I think it would be a beautiful alternative for the fall and winter. It looks incredible when paired with burgundy, dark gray, or white.

That damn trench coat.

Groupon had a great deal for a Shellac mani. I’ve been really curious about getting a gel mani since it is supposed to last chip free for at least two weeks. I thought the wedding would be a great time to try one out. I go Monday and you can bet I will be posting about my experience. I also really love this color since it is similar to Essie’s Turquoise and Caicose, which I’ve been wearing frequently since I got it earlier this summer.

I have been wanting Mediterranean food for a few days now. Gyros, spanakopita, hummus, tabouli, baklava… I want it all!!! Sorry if the pic made you hungry.

What have you been liking this week?? Enjoy your weekend! Hope you got some Mediterranean food 😉


2 thoughts on “Things I Like

  1. The surrogate birth pictures had me crying during nap time, and I could only see them on my phone. Even tiny they are full of emotion

    Don't you have an anniversary coming up? Isn't 6 years the year of the leopard print trench coat?? I think it is.


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