Flash Mobs & NIP

Congrats to Alanna, Jacque, Kacie, Mae, and Kim!! They were the winners of my first giveaway. I hope to have more in the future.

Yesterday was the flash mob I wrote about earlier this week. It was pretty successful – we had 22 mothers come out to help normalize NIP. Nothing was said to the group of moms gathered at my spot, but we did get a number of curious lookers. A participant in the mob heard one woman say to her friend, “there are so many of them and they just make me so uncomfortable!” after she walked past us. In the pictures that were taken of yesterday’s event, you don’t see anything more than you would from a woman in a low cut top (of which I saw plenty yesterday). In fact, Victoria’s Secret has a 6-8 foot tall poster in their display that shows more boob than most of the women did yesterday.

Gorgeous mamas and their nurslings

I don’t use a coverup when I nurse. I used to when E was younger and I was starting to NIP. Until I found the right one, it was really awkward. I couldn’t see what he was doing and he couldn’t see me. It did help me gain confidence in feeding my baby in public. It got easier and easier to latch, and once I got the right coverup, we were able to have eye contact during feedings. As E got older, the coverup became more of a distraction and game than anything else. I think he thought it was one elaborate game of peek-a-boo. Now when I nurse, I don’t use a coverup. I make what I refer to as a boob sandwich: the top of my breast is covered by my shirt and my stomach and back are covered by the camisole I’m wearing underneath. The baby’s head blocks everything else. Nothing is seen.

After the flash mob, I was able to spend some time shopping with my favorite moms. We all took Bradley birth classes together and stayed in touch after. After making a couple of purchases, we went to dinner. We had great food (you can never go wrong with Olive Garden) and even better conversations.

Shopping with the nurslings

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


One thought on “Flash Mobs & NIP

  1. Jackson and I had a great time at our 1st breastfeeding flashmob, we can't wait until next month! And we love the new button we won, it's proudly displayed (along with two others we bought at the Latch-On America event) on my diaper bag for all the world to see!


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