Time may change me

I was thinking about how pregnancy has changed me. Not the “I never thought I could love anything this much” or “my body will never be the same” kind of change, but smaller changes – the kind that have now become second nature, but I couldn’t have imagined doing a few years ago.

  • Big spender to thrifty mama. I am a shopper. I love to shop, whether for me or someone else. I pride myself on getting a good bargain. Just today, I scored two pairs of jeans at Old Navy for $15. Now that I’ve had E, I have a hard time spending any money on myself. I’ll gladly spend on E and D, but not as much on myself.
  • Cry baby. While pregnant, I cried at anything and everything. Those SPCA commercials with abused animals and Sarah MacLachlan songs are the worst. I still cry at the silliest things, the worst being Blue Cross/Blue Shield commercials that play Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros’ “Home” and those Disney World ads where little kids are told that they’re going to Disney. I ugly cried while watching Kim Kardashian’s wedding. I’m a little embarrassed at admitting that one.
  • Anything for a laugh. After E started smiling at things he found funny, I began to do anything and everything in my power to make him smile or laugh. Months later, that hasn’t changed. Last night, I was putting robot pajamas on him after his bath and he was fussing. What did I do to calm him down? Sang Mr. Roboto (okay, just the chorus) and did the robot. Of course my husband busted me mid-robot, but I was getting giggles out of E. That’s the important thing, right?
  • Reality tv. Since having E, I get really mad when I’m watching a sitcom *cough*Up All Night*cough* and I see something like a car seat up sitting in the basket part of a shopping cart. That’s incredibly dangerous. I also get irritated with most depictions of natural birth, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, or baby wearing on TV. Sadly they’re mostly negative. I could easily go off on a tangent about how most TV shows seem to do more harm than good for such things, but that’s another blog post 😉

How has pregnancy changed you?


One thought on “Time may change me

  1. Oh man, I've always had a soft spot for sappy commercials, but it got bad when I was pregnant and isn't any better now. The pampers commercial that shows a ton of babies and ends with a water birth has me all choked up regularly.
    T.V. makes me crazy too. I was just telling Brian tonight that I'm afraid the new Up All Night is going to depict birth as a huge, scary emergency, which will just annoy me, of course.


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