30DoG: Day 4

For the month of November, I will (try to) post a daily list of things for which I am thankful. I really hope this will be a reminder to me of the wonderful things in my life and help me redirect my focus from what I don’t have to what I do. So here goes nothing… I know it’s technically day 5 right now, but I had a bit of a late night…

    4 November 2011 – Today I’m Thankful For…

  • Pitchers of Cuervo margaritas
  • Margaritas in general!
  • Girlfriends and giggly talk
  • New friends who are world famous birth photographers
  • Being able to disagree in a very respectful way, having conversations about opposing viewpoints, and remaining friends after the fact
  • My breast pump
  • A husband that allows me to stay out until 2am without question ♥

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