2012 Resolutions

I just wrote about my breastfeeding resolutions for 2012, so I thought I would strike while the iron is hot and write about my other resolutions for the year.

    2012 Resolutions

  • Find an exercise routine and stick with it. Yes, this is the standard resolution that 99% of people have and I am no different. I started belly dancing again at the end of 2011, I’m not sure if it’s something I want to continue in 2012. I (briefly) took up running and that kinda fizzled out too. Once this bronchitis is gone, I want to start running again. It was cheap and helped relieve a lot of stress. Whatever I end up doing, I want to stick with it. I want to be healthy so I can set a good example for E.
  • Take Weight Watchers seriously. I’ve been on WW since the end of October and I really haven’t been taking it very seriously. I do a terrible job of tracking my food and therefore haven’t seen the kind of results I saw when I did it previously. I want to take it more seriously and lose the weight. I don’t want to be a size 2 (I like myself with some curves), but I want to be healthy. See above about setting a good example for E.
  • Learn to walk in heels 3 inches and higher. If you’ve been reading for a while, it’s no secret that I love shoes. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I can’t walk in heels higher than 3 inches. I clomp around with the grace of a Clydesdale horse. I need to fix that. Please leave any tips or websites or whatever here. Something more than “heel, toe” is preferred.

    My favorite coffee mug. It’s from DSW.
  • Embrace my waves. My hair is naturally wavy. Pregnancy seems to have amplified the wave all over, except for the very back of my head. That area is stick straight. Yeah, my hair is weird. Anyway, I normally straighten my hair for work. I’ve gotten pretty good at using the blow dryer by itself so my flat iron is used about once week. I don’t want to have to straighten my hair 3-4 times a week. I’d rather sleep in. I need to figure out how I can work with my naturally wavy texture. Tips on this would also be appreciated.
  • Shop more often. I need to go shopping more frequently. Instead of hitting the mall, I need to shop in my closet and find pieces I have purchased, but may have forgotten about. I’ve been using Pintrest to find outfits I can recreate with existing clothing. Now I just need to wear those outfits. In public.
  • Finally start working towards my dream job. Obviously I am passionate about breastfeeding and try to support nursing moms as much as I can. Why not make a career of it? I’d like to eventually become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC for short), but it will be a long process. I do have a few things figured out, but now I need to make them happen. I will register for the appropriate classes, touch base with contacts I’ve made, and get my rear end in gear. I may not be able to sit for the IBCLC exam for a while because I work full time out of the home, but I will start working towards it this year.
  • Wear colored eyeliner. I wear black eyeliner 360 days of the year. This year, I want to change it up a bit. I have lots of colors to choose from already: grays, browns, turquoise, gold, and silver. It’s time to have some fun with more than just my eye shadow.
  • Read more. My goal is to read one non-parenting book a month. I’m currently reading The Road of Lost Innocence: The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine by Somaly Mam. I’d really like to read Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Kristoff and WuDunn next.
  • Do something for my fellow man. After my Christmas, I would really like to do more to give back. I’m not sure how to do it, what I want to do, or how frequently I want to do it, but I want to do something more than once a year. Hm… will have to think more about this one.

What are your 2012 resolutions?


3 thoughts on “2012 Resolutions

  1. I absolutely love how passionate you are about breastfeeding! Something to think about would be using your knowledge of the subject to help women with lower income levels or who may not have the resources you do find out what's best for them and their babies! I work with a program that provides healthier food to children in need and have learned how important education is to improving the standard of living— why not start even earlier with breastfeeding? Obviously I don't have any detailed suggestions (this just occurred to me as I was reading your post), but it would be a great way to help less fortunate mothers and may end up helping you work in the field as well. 🙂


  2. one of my resolutions is to learn how to walk in 3″+ heels too! Also, I definitely think you should pursue being a lactation consultant. Not many people in this world find something that they are truly passionate about. You are so lucky that you have!! Now use it to help others! 🙂


  3. For the hair, have you tried the no heat headband curls? You can Google it. You sleep with your hair curled around a headband and then just spritz and go in the morning.

    Keep us posted on how you do with your resolutions. I need to start working out but haven't figured out how to fit it into my schedule yet!


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