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Breastfeeding the Second Time Around

This is my experience with breastfeeding my second baby. Please note that my experiences will not apply to every mother-baby dyad. If you are in need of breastfeeding assistance or support, please contact your local IBCLC or La Leche League.

My little man is now a month old and we’re starting to fall into a little bit of a rhythm, growth spurts notwithstanding. Breastfeeding has not been a walk in the park. I expected issues as this is a new baby I’m breastfeeding, but I know so much more about the early days, book learning and from experience with E. However, all of the knowledge that I repeat to other moms flies out of my head when it comes to me. I found myself worrying about all of the same things any mom would – supply, diapers, growth spurts, you name it. Here’s what I thought would happen with breastfeeding the second time around and what actually happened.

What I thought: milk supply would increase like crazy between days 2-5 post partum and I would leak like crazy.
What happened: my milk supply did increase between days 2-5 post partum, but my milk “came in” with a whimper rather than a bang. I didn’t have the rock hard, lumpy breasts that I had with E. Instead, my breasts felt full, but not hot, throbbing, or rock hard. I’ve leaked a little bit, but most days I do not wear nursing pads. It was the opposite with Ethan – I would soak through my nursing tank and t-shirt if I sniffed his head.

What I thought: it’d be smooth sailing with supply since it was my second baby and I had encapsulated my placenta this time around.
What happened: it was smooth sailing with supply for the first few days. Unfortunately, due to some complications with my post partum recovery, I had to take a medication that was known to reduce prolactin levels as a side effect. My milk supply did drop due to the medication. In addition to starting fenugreek, I asked a two trusted friends to pump some extra milk for me. I did have to use their donor milk on a few occasions when Rohan didn’t seem satisfied. One of those times was during a growth spurt at 7 days – you can bet I was thankful for those friends! These were the times where I felt like I was drying up. I finally feel like my supply has caught up with his demand, but it took a while.

What I thought: if there’s a tongue tie or a lip tie, we’ll get it taken care of quickly and move on with our breastfeeding journey.
What happened: I noticed Rohan’s lip tie in post partum the night he was born, but I wasn’t able to get a good look under his tongue. His lip tie is a class 3 (out of 4); it was so bad that even the on-call pediatrician at the hospital pointed it out to me. After an IBCLC friend came over to help the day after we got home, she pointed out his tongue tie as well. Although, I could’ve confirmed it thanks to my sore and bloody nipples. Yowch. I made an appointment to get them corrected with a popular and reputable dentist in the area, but there’s quite a wait. Our appointment is not for another few weeks. Things have improved, but I’m often sore after a feeding. If I’m not careful with how wide he opens his mouth, I can easily undo all of the healing with one bad latch. I’m making it through thanks to alternating Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Nipple Butter and Motherlove Herbal’s Nipple Cream, and ibuprofen.

A quick snack in the car while waiting to pick up Big Brother

And there you have it. That’s what breastfeeding the second time around has been like for me.  It has been more difficult in some ways but easier in others. Despite the ties and the lowered supply, Rohan was a half pound over birth weight at two weeks! Ethan wasn’t back at his birth weight until he was a month old. I’m glad that Rohan was a full term baby and a great eater, but the reduced supply has been very tough to bounce back from. Thanks to a very supportive husband reminding me that I can do this and not waiting too long before calling in some professional help, I believe that things are only going to get better. Here’s hoping Rohan and I make it to two years!


This week’s fruit: mini-watermelon

Alternate title: #stillpregnant

In some serious shock about how pregnant I am…

How far along: 39 weeks. 39 WEEKS. I have never been this pregnant before. I don’t know what to expect anymore! I’m officially full term by ACOG’s recently revised standards!

Total weight gain: Probably about 8-10 pounds.

Maternity clothes: They barely fit. I usually wear yoga pants and a t-shirt that barely covers my belly.

Sleep: It is so interrupted at night! Heartburn, prodromal labor, and getting up to pee every few hours makes it very hard.

Miss anything: Sleep, being able to wear sandals without assistance, shaving my legs without getting winded.

Movement: Yes, but it’s a different type than before – still pretty powerful, but not so many jabs. More like moving around trying to get comfortable with what little room is left.

Food cravings: Those soft pretzel appetizer things from Chili’s, milk & Oreos, watermelon, apples, avocado, mangoes.

Anything making you queasy or sick: certain smells. I’m not sure of which ones until I smell them.

Have you started to show yet: There’s no hiding it, that’s for sure!

Baby’s Sex: Still unknown. We will find out when Baby makes his/her debut!

Labor signs: Consistently inconsistent contractions, I’ve spotted a little of my mucous plug in the toilet, was told of some cervical changes as of 3 weeks ago when I got my stitches out.

Belly button in or out: Still in, but maybe it will pop! Now I know why they’re referred to as a navel orange.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, but I can go from happy to weepy in seconds.

Looking forward to: Maternity leave starting on Monday, whether Baby is here or not. My water birth (fingers crossed), learning whether this little one is a boy or girl, a baby in my arms! Breastfeeding, being a mom of two, Ethan meeting his little brother or sister. Newborn noises and gulps and smiles and smells.

Lets see if I make it to pumpkin, shall we?

24 Week Update


How far along: 24 weeks, 3 days

Total weight gain: I weigh 12 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight. Yes, for real. Pregnancy is the best diet for me.

Maternity clothes: Absolutely. I unfortunately don’t get to wear most of them. So much for dressing the bump and enjoying that part of pregnancy.

Sleep: I can’t get enough.

Miss anything: Work. I really like what I do and I was just getting into the swing of things when all of this happened. I also miss scooping up Ethan when he needs a hug.

Movement: So much! This baby enjoys bouncing on my bladder and kicking up a storm after I get up to pee in the middle of the night.

Food cravings: salty and sweet: Whataburger french fries and Snickers bars. A friend turned me on to Luna bars in the caramel nut brownie flavor, and holy crap they’re so good! A healthier alternative to candy means I can eat more, right?

Anything making you queasy or sick: my weekly progesterone shots have made me nauseous in the mornings and sometimes all day. Luckily, bed rest means I can sleep it off.

Have you started to show yet: Oh yes. I think I was this big at 32ish weeks when pregnant with E.

Gender: still a surprise. I’ve been tempted to open the envelope, but we haven’t. Did I mention we have the print of the sono sealed in an envelope? We did the same thing with E.

Labor signs: Thankfully, nothing since the initial IC diagnosis at 21 weeks. I have been having Braxton Hicks a bit in the mornings if I don’t empty my bladder right away.

Belly button in or out: Still in.

Wedding rings on or off: On, but I don’t wear them around the house.

Happy or moody most of the time: Moody. Still very moody.

Looking forward to: Making it to 28 weeks and my sister’s visit in a few weeks.

Recurring Thoughts from the Last 4+ Months…

Well, I’m finally a few weeks into my second trimester. The first one was really rough. Lots of nausea, vomiting, and food aversion. None of the holistic stuff was cutting it. I finally broke down and asked for a prescription to Zofran. It was a life changer, but caused my digestive tract to come to a screeching halt. Thankfully I found a way to take it while still keeping things going and things got easier. My energy level is still pretty low compared to my pregnancy with E, but I’m now having to chase a toddler around after a day at work. I don’t have the luxury of laying around like I did before we had him.

I am definitely having a harder time connecting with this pregnancy. Most days I forget I’m pregnant, unless I get up to quick or feel nauseous. The baby is moving around some, but it’s not feeling very strong yet. Perhaps I have more fluff this time around and am not as receptive to the movement. I feel pretty guilty for not having the same connection this time around, but after talking to other friends, it’s not a strange way to feel. I don’t think these emotions are tied to the loss earlier this year. I have started a prenatal yoga class, but it seems to be more of a workout than a way to connect with your baby. I wish my old instructor was still teaching!

I haven’t even started processing my feelings on having to split my attention between E and the new baby. Oy. That’s going to be fun.

How did you connect with your pregnancy? Did you have similar feelings when you were pregnant with subsequent children? Feedback is appreciated!

Party of Four

Lots of big news over here. A few months ago, I accepted a position that is a huge step in the right direction for me. I’m finally working at a place I don’t mind going to every day!

I think the biggest news would be our family becoming a party of 4. I’m pregnant and Baby 2 is due in May 2014!

Story time with E. Photo taken by Valerie Cannon Photography

Everyone’s got some new reading material. Photo taken by Valerie Cannon Photography

This pregnancy has been a lot more difficult than my pregnancy with E, both physically and emotionally. Between the loss this summer, constant nausea/vomiting, food aversions, and not being able to keep up with a toddler after working a full day, I have not been enjoying it as much as I enjoyed E’s pregnancy. However, baby is healthy, growing, and wiggly all over the place, so I know all of the difficulties have been worth it.

Expect to see this blog become more active again. As long as my energy stays up, of course.

Wordless Wednesday – 8.14.13

It’s quite obvious that this blog has taken a bit of a backseat to life. My little family has a lot (too much) going on and most of it is not positive. I’ve been really struggling with sharing, but I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that yet. So please bear with me, dear friends. Things should hopefully be back to normal soon.

Between my full time job, my breastfeeding “extracurricular activities,” and classes towards IBCLC, I’ve been trying to focus on the part of my life that bring me the most joy: my little family.

Breastfeeding in South Asian art

I came across a beautiful picture of Lord Krishna being breastfed by his foster mother Yashoda. A little Googling led me to some more stunners. The first pic is my favorite, but the others are incredible as well. Check them out:

I really wish I knew who painted this!

A traditional Mysore painting

Artist unknown, ca. 1890, Calcutta, India

Kalighat painting

Krishna’s Foster-Mother, Yashoda, with the Infant Krishna
India (Tamil Nadu, Pudukkottai and Tanjavur districts)
Chola period, early 12th century
Photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Niccolò Caranti

    A couple of little things I noticed:

  • Yashoda is not his birth mother. Does that mean she induced lactation to breastfeed him? Fenugreek is used a lot in Indian cooking, so I bet that came into play 🙂
    Of course, it’s quite possible she was breastfeeding other children. I’m probably getting excited about nothing.
  • He is definitely not an infant in those first two pics. A toddler or maybe even older? It’s a beautiful depiction of long term breastfeeding.
    There’s a pic that E and I took last year that has a similar vibe.

Have you come across any breastfeeding art (religious or secular) that you love?